Our Partners


Aulexo provides fund managers and their investors with an integrated investor relations, data and analytics platform.   

Offering centralised fund data and document management together with comprehensive analytics, Aulexo simplifies and streamlines manual and fragmented processes often encountered within hedge fund investor relations.   

The cloud-based platform enables managers to easily access and update fund details, or seamlessly permission their investors to have fully audited access to fund data, analytics, documents and presentations.   

Customisable statistics, ratios and metrics are automatically recalculated when data is updated, and seamlessly available to permissioned investors online, embedded within Aulexo’s powerful and flexible factsheet engine and via Aulexo’s API for integration with internal applications or websites.


Press Halo

Deliver your news to the right places with PressHalo, the next generation press release distribution service.

PressHalo is a global news dissemination channel, bringing next generation artificial intelligence and machine learning technology, developed in the finance industry, to help power your media relations campaigns.Trying to put together a list of journalists from a commercial media database can take time, hours that can be spent usefully elsewhere. 

PressHalo is able to reach journalists you may not know, bloggers that do not appear on media databases, news breakers outside your immediate sector that may still prove useful.Our news mapping capabilities mean we have a more complete picture of the influencers in the media space, based on their output and the timeliness of their work. 

This is a dynamic picture, constantly changing, and one our AI constantly monitors.